Are WiFi locks safe and secure

Are WiFi locks safe and secure







Are WiFi locks safe and secure? As a locksmith West Palm Beach we receive a ton of calls asking about various locks. There are new technologies constantly being developed and this is no different for the locksmith industry. One of the things we are starting to get asked a lot is if WiFi locks are safe and secure. We will go over some pros and cons so if you are deciding whether to have one installed at your home you can have some things to help make your decision.

So first off what exactly is a WiFi lock? A WiFi lock is a lock that connects to the internet and can be controlled by you from anywhere you are. They usually have apps that you install on your smart phone to control the lock once installed. WiFi locks can be very convenient and have a ton of neat features. The first and most obvious as stated before they can be controlled from wherever you are. This means with a push of a button from within the app on your phone you can lock and unlock your door whenever and wherever. This could eliminate the need for extra copies of your key to be hidden outside of your home or given out to people you want to have access to your home. With this type of lock you are able to give anyone their own code to access your property and can monitor when they go in and out. These locks are smart locks and are very hard to pick as well. This is very good for security of your home. However, If you ever lock yourself out it will not be easy to get open. It is nothing that an experienced locksmith technician can’t handle though.



Are WiFi locks safe and secure



If you are in the market to have a WiFi lock installed give A Lenny Locksmith a call. One of our professional locksmith technicians will be able to come out and go over all of your options. He can even install your new lock the same day. We value our customers and strive to give the best customer service possible. Call our office 24 hours a day 7 days a week.



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