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Key won’t turn in Honda ignition


Key won’t turn in Honda ignition.  There are many options to do in this situation.  First is calling a Locksmith in West Palm Beach.  There will be things a Locksmith should do. First look to see if its the key.  Second is to try to make it turn which we will get into.  Third and worst case scenario is change or fix the ignition.  The only reason why is cause its more money.

Calling the right locksmith in West Palm Beach is very important.  You have to make sure there car locksmith know how to work on Honda ignitions.  Also make sure there price is right and you don’t get over charged.  There are many good locksmiths in West Palm Beach but there are also many to watch.  At The end I will give you a good price range to make sure you know you are not getting over charged.

When the car locksmith arrives he should look at the key and see if it wore down and that can be the problem why it doesn’t turn.  Usually it is so recommend to the car locksmith to make a factory cut key and test it out. Most of the time that is the problem.  That should cost from 120-160 is a good price range.

There is also a way to make the key turn when it can’t.  First the car locksmith should put wd-40 in ignition and then put key in and proceed to hit key with hammer and turn key at same time and it should turn. That price should be around 120.  This also means you probably have ignition problems.

Now with ignition problem there are two options replace the ignition or fix it.  A lot of car locksmiths do not know how to fix it so they tell you to replace it.  They will either do it or recommend a mechanic.  Here at A Lenny Locksmith we will fix it for a lot less than what a new one costs and will guarantee it for life.  The price is between 200-295 and yes you can keep your key.  A new ignition cost about what it costs to fix it but you would still have to pay for installing and its not guaranteed for life.  You will also have different keys also.

Key won’t turn in Honda ignition


Key won't turn in Honda ignition