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Patio Door Lockout Locksmith Tricks

Patio Door Lockout Locksmith Tricks


Patio Door Lockout Locksmith Tricks



Patio door lockout locksmith tricks: There are many ways to get into a house or condo.  99 percent of locksmiths go right for main door and try to pick the lock.  We will take a look at a lot of ways to get into a lockout situation.  You will find it is usually not used to get in and the patio door is usually the cheapest and fastest way in.

When the locksmith gets to a lockout he rushes to look at the front door.  It’s not usually his fault he is trying to get the customer in as fast as possible.  Two reasons why so the customer can get into their home quickly and so he can get to the next job.  But a veteran locksmith will always look to see all doors or any possible way in for the quickest and cheapest for the customer.  When you see the patio door it usually is the goto place to get in.

When the locksmith approaches the sliding door he will check if there is a bar blocking the track.  Now if there is no bar its a go to open the patio door.  It’s a easy procedure that locksmith West Palm Beach uses.  He will put a screw driver down under patio door and then proceed to to lift door with screw driver and at the same time when he’s lifting the door pull the door open.  Like a magic trick the door opens and no damage.

Now for years if there was a bar blocking the track you couldn’t do it I thought.  I have a funny story when my son was locked out of our home.  He had video game tournament and forgot his keys.  Now our house has high security locks which are un pickable and we have the bar on the track.  I told him I would be home in an hour he panicked because he would miss the video game .  Now he is a locksmith also for about 4 years.  I taught hime everything and I thought he was locked out unless we would drill the locks.  That is when he came up with an idea to to pump up the sliding door with airbags and stuck a rod thru and and move the stick blocking the door and then he got in.

Its a amazing how the mind works and i never thought of that and now I use that trick many times thanks to my son.  So the moral of the story is to always check all ways to get into a house lockout and especially the sliding door.


Patio Door Lockout Locksmith Tricks



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