Car Key Replacement Phoenix

When you misplace your keys and are in need of a car key replacement Phoenix we are here to help. Our mission is to make the service process for our customers as smooth as possible. We understand that loosing your car keys can be a scary time. Knowing and following these steps can make the entire situation less difficult.

The first step is to contact a locksmith when you require a car key replacement Phoenix. You will first speak with a customer service representative. You will need to give them information on your vehicle such as year, make and the model. You will also need to give them the address or location of where your car is. The customer service rep will then dispatch your service request to a car locksmith technician. Once your service request is dispatched the locksmith tech will contact you within minutes. They will give you a quote on your replacement key and can then head to the vehicle’s location.

Car Key Replacement Phoenix

Once the car locksmith technician arrives on location you will need to provide them with some more information. It is best to have this information available before they arrive to keep to process moving smoothly. The information they will require is proof of ownership of the vehicle. A state id or drivers license and title or registration to the vehicle should be sufficient. When they have this information and verify it is ok to make a key for you they will be good to go. They will have all the equipment they need with them to make your replacement right there onsite. They should be handing the new key to you shortly after starting. The entire process is usually over within 15-20 minutes in most cases.

Knowing the steps you will need to take when needing a car key replacement Phoenix is important. If you have any other questions regarding the procedure of having a key made contact the office. There is always someone on call waiting to answer any questions you might have.

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