How long should a locksmith take






How long should a locksmith take? Nine times out of ten when a customer calls into our office they want to know how long it will take for a technician to come out. They also want to know how long service will take. We can tell you that A Lenny Locksmith strives to have excellent customer service. We try to get technicians out to every job as soon as possible. So just how long should a locksmith take?

The time a locksmith should take depends on the type of service needed. Obviously in an emergency situation we try to get a technician out to requested location as soon as possible. A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach dispatches emergency locksmith services immediately and can have a technician to your location within 25-30 minutes and in a lot of cases even sooner. Once the technician arrives to your location the time that it takes to complete job depends solely on the type of service being performed. Car locksmith techs can complete a car lockout and have you on your way in minutes. Car keys usually take 10-15 minutes if all goes smoothly. Some vehicles take longer to program a replacement key to your car so it will take a little longer than the average. There is always that chance that complications come up and it may take even longer, that is usually in rare instances.



How long should a locksmith take



If you have called a locksmith to come let you back into your house or business our expert techs can have you back in your home or office within minutes as well. This all depends on the type of lock/locks that you have and which method the tech needs to use in order to get into your house or business. Easier locks can take a few minutes while better security up to high security locks can take anywhere from 10 minutes to hours to get into depending on of course the lock and experience of the technician.

If you have any questions about the time it would take to have a locksmith service provided please contact our office. We are awaiting your call and ready to answer any and all of your questions and concerns.  Check out our Google map link.



How long should a locksmith take



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