How to Open a House Lock

How to Open a House Lock 





How to open a house lock: There are many ways to do it.  There is the old fashion way to pick the lock.  A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach also can bump the lock, pick it with lishi tool or even throw a airbag between the door and open it.  We are going to get into a few of these techniques and show you the best alternative for you or maybe just call A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach to help you.  We will also provide a video on the top of the page that might help.

Now talking about picking a lock which the video on top shows you.  You will need pick tools which consist of tension wrench and naturally the different pick tools.  I have usually favorite type of pics I use but people have different ones.  The key to picking a lock is put tension with tension wrench on the way you want to turn and use the pick tools to move the wavers to get in position to turn.  It’s hard at first with practice it will be rather easy.  This way might be tough to average person so I might suggest other options.

Im going to say bumping a lock is the easiest way to open it.  It’s very easy all you do is put the bump key in the lock.  Now pull the key out one little click.  After that take a bump hammer and hit the key and at the same time with your finger put pressure to turn at same time.  Presto the key will turn and open the lock.  This is probably the easiest and best way for a customer to perform the lockout.  I can into lishi but that is really hard even sometimes for a locksmith.  I’m going to leave you a video how to bump the way I showed you.  Now on the video I did it for a commercial lock but its the same way.

Now if all fails you can call A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach and we will come and get the job done for you.  We are 24 hours and are always here for you even during COVID-19. Our map link is here to.