Key won't turn in lock

Key won’t turn in lock




Key won’t turn in lock: One common problem that we receive a lot of calls on as a locksmith is won’t turn in locks. We receive these calls in residential, commercial, and car locksmith situations. When this happens to you it can be very frustrating. The one thing you do not want to do though is try to force the key to turn in the lock. Trying to force a key to turn whether its in a residential or commercial lock, or in ignition can cause the situation to become way worse than it is to begin with. It can cause the key to break inside your lock or ignition causing damage to them. Here are some common reasons why your key may not be turning and what you should do if you are ever in this situation.

There are a few reasons why your key may not be turning in your home or  lock. It may be because the lock is damaged whether it be from wear and tear or from someone trying to gain access. The key itself may be worn down from using it time after time. It could also be from the lock and key having dirt or grime and just being dirty. The first thing you should do is spray some WD-40 into the lock. Wait a few minutes to let it loosen up the dirt and then try to turn the key. Nine times out of ten the WD-40 will loosen up the debris. If it doesn’t and key still won’t turn there is something out of place inside lock or it is damaged. A locksmith technician can come out and access what is going on and either repair or replace the lock.

If you are having an issue with your key not turning in your ignition it is usually one of three things. The ignition may be broken, there is a wafer out of place, or there may be dirt and debris keeping it from turning. Just like with your home or business locks the first thing your should do is spray some WD-40 inside the ignition. If there is dirt and debris causing your ignition to stick this should undo it. If trying this does not work it is time to have a car locksmith come out and take a look. If the ignition is broken or damaged the Locksmith West Palm Beach technician will be able to repair or replace it. If there happens to be a wafer that has become out of place an experienced car locksmith will be able to take the ignition out and put the wafer back in their correct place.

If you are having a problem with your key not turning contact our office today. We can answer any of your questions you may have or send out a locksmith technician that can diagnose what the problem is. We would appreciate a google review by hitting here.