Locksmith Update COVID-19

Locksmith Update COVID-19




Locksmith Update COVID-19:  Its been a crazy time for the world and its something that nobody would ever think would happen.  It did but I must say we are dealing the best way we can.  A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach our techs go thru so many gloves to keep them selfs and the customers safe.  Masks are washable but every tech now keeps 10 masks on them just in case they have to change them for a mistake or different job.  It started four masks but its safer with 10.  Every nite they wash them so they are all clean for the next day.

A Lenny West Palm Beach has been busy not like normal but we have jobs.  A Lot of credit goes to business that are open but are take precautions to not infect their store.  I’ll give you an example I had to take one of my dogs to the vet.  Jasmine my dog was outside in parking lot by vet with gloves and mask.  I felt safe knowing she runs her business that way.  When I had to pick up my dog she met me in the parking lot again.  Payment was taken over the phone before I picked up my dog.  A+ for that business and also my sign guy he did the same technique.  My SEO guy lucky him  don’t even have to leave his home but I give him credit to.  A Lot of his customers are telling him they can’t pay now and still does the work.  He lets them know when they get back on there feet you can pay me back.  So great to see such team work around this country.  I feel if we do these practices and keep are guard up we can fight this battle till the cure or vaccine is made.

A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach out technicians are a lot more tired from not only doing their jobs.  Just keeping everything sanitary in work van, changing gloves and masks.  But I must say I’m so proud of them and nobody got sick.  We have been in contact with a lot of customers but if you keep your distance, where gloves and masks we will get thru this.  We will always be open 24 hours during COVID-19 and after.  Feel free to goto our google my business map for more info also.  Thank you and be safe.