Proper gear for locksmith to wear for COVID-19

Proper gear for locksmith to wear for COVID-19




Proper gear for locksmith to wear for COVID-19:  There have been few things that have changed it the last two months for practically the whole world.  Live as we knew it changed so drastically that it’s hard to believe.  People told to stay home and just watch there business go down the tubes is so hard.  Every business took a bad hit from this but with some of the SBA programs and the 1200.00 check can buy some time to stay a float.

Here at A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach we have been wearing masks and gloves from the beginning.  We were doing that to make the customer feel better and safe.  But also we were doing to be safe so our locksmith techs can stay healthy and not get the COVID-19,  Thank god nobody in our company has gotten it.  It’s so strange with everything going on with this virus spreading so easy.  Our attitude is to help everybody in need and let me tell you when you help a customer now they are so happy and relieved.  It is such a good feeling to help like this that makes me proud of our company and our technicians.  Not one said they couldn’t work it makes me feel team work is everything.  Like the doctors and nurses risking them selfs for the good of the country and patients.  I give them so much credit and when this is over they should really be praised and rewarded for all the good they did for this country.

Mask and gloves are so important and we have been changing them after every job.  We also clean the work truck after every job.  That means sterilizing the inside and door handles.  So much work but it’s all worth to try to keep everybody safe.  This COVID-19 really changed our lives but really wised us up not to rely on other countries so much and our country can get thru anything.

At A Lenny Locksmith we want to tell everyone to be safe and be smart and don’t stay in crowds.  If you have any locksmith questions call anytime we are open 24 hours in every location.  And as far as us being open for service we are always open.




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