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Set Price Locksmith West Palm Beach.  This is a topic we are going into details for the consumer to choose the right and fair locksmith West Palm Beach.  There are so many locksmith company’s that give starting prices.  When you hear that its time to hang up.  We will show what to look for in choosing the right company for the job.  At the end of coarse we hope you choose us A Lenny Locksmith.

When calling for a Locksmith West Palm Beach its important to know what you are paying so you don’t get surprised.  Ninety Percent of company’s use say 19+39 and up.  That is a big red flag.  Your answer should I need an exact price.  If they are not willing to give one move on.  Our company has flat rates for car lockouts which make the company happy and the customer.  Everybody knows what to expect and it makes the customer less nervous on what the price may be.  House lockouts are different there’s know way to give a flat rate.  The reason there are so many different locks.  Some are easier and some are more difficult.  So what we do is give a range from the lowest to the highest to be safe.  Our company is fair if it is in the low range we will charge them and fairly if it is in the high range we have to.

Car key Locksmith West Palm Beach.  This is very easy our office gives a range.  But the great part is when the tech calls you back in 1-2 minutes he will give you exact price before he comes to you.  Now with a lot of company’s again about 90% will give you starting prices.  I will say it again just move on to the next locksmith.  Again I hope it will be us.

If you have any questions call us anytime we are 24 hours.  A Lenny Locksmith gets hundreds of calls a week just asking questions and we are happy to help.


Set Price Locksmith West Palm Beach





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