Tools that a locksmith West Palm Beach tech uses for services

Tools that a locksmith West Palm Beach tech uses for services






Tools that a locksmith West Palm Beach tech uses for services. There are many tools that a locksmith uses. The type of tool varies upon what service the tech is performing on any given job. This blog will go over the most important tools used and for what type of service they are used for.

There are a ton of tools that a locksmith will use for residential and commercial jobs. A lock pick is probably one of the most common tools that is used for lockouts. If the lock is not able to be picked the locksmith will use a bump key to try and bump the lock or will use a power drill to drill the lock out of the door. Other tools used are rekey sets in order to rekey a lock. Lock rekeying sets and equipment are available for all brands of locks as well as all types, sizes, and shapes. Different locks may take different equipment to rekey but the majority of rekey sets generally consist of a cylinder removal tool, tweezers, ring pliers, and a pin tool. Rekey sets normally will also include cylinder rings and collars in a variety of color finishes, a caliper, and of course replacement lock pins.

There are a variety of tools that your local car locksmith will need for the services they provide. The most common things are air wedges and prying tools. These are their go to necessities when performing a car lockout. Other tools that a car locksmith uses are key extractors in case a key breaks off inside a car door or an ignition. Key gauges will help a locksmith tech determine the cuts of a key in order to make a new one, and of course a key cutting machine and laptop with necessary key cutting software.





An inspection light and screwdrivers of all sizes are also some general tools that a locksmith tech will keep on hand. These are actually just the beginning of an endless list of tools and equipment that may be needed for locksmith services. Whatever service you are in need of just know that A Lenny Locksmith has all necessary tools to complete your service onsite and as professional and timely as possible. Please contact our office and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help answer any questions you may have. You can also schedule an appointment 24 hours 7 days a week.  Check out our Google Map.