Where to find out to open your locked door

Where to find out to open your locked door




Where to find out to open your locked door:  There are many ways to help you learn how to open your locked door or car.  The internet is great place to find info.  There is also many books that show you detailed ways to open locks.  Finally there is a coarse that shows you how to be a locksmith.

First taking a coarse might not be the route you want to go.  If you are just trying to open your car or house that is defiantly not the way to go.  Here at A Lenny Locksmith we try to make our techs take the coarse but its not mandatory.  But I stress to them how important it is to take it.  Penn Foster is a great school to take the coarse if you are interested in being a locksmith.

Now if you are locked out of your house or car reading a book might be the last thing you want to do. I am mentioning it more to study the locks you have in case you do have an emergency.  You might be able to get into you house or car without having to spend any money on a locksmith.  It also makes you knowledgeable on locks and how they work and it never hurts to learn new things.  Especially if you get locked out.

Last and finally problem the best and quickest way to open a lock and that is You Tube.  There are great videos to show how to help you in these type of situations.  I even watch videos to see some tricks people might have.  It’s a great source for knowledge and to learn things. You can even check A Lenny locksmith you tube page.  We have all sorts of videos that can help you even get thru some of these types of problems.