Working with the customer as a locksmith

Working with the customer as a locksmith



Working with the customer as a locksmith: We are living in unknown times. No one expected a COVID-19 virus to spread around the country and the world. The virus has affected every single person around the world in many ways. Folks are dealing with anxiety, fear and the unknown. People are losing their jobs and on furlough. It’s a very scary and stressful time we live in.

A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach can empathize all that people and families are going through this tough time. With that being said, we understand e the people are trying to maintain some normalcy. Essential workers still have to get up and go to work every day. People still may have to move or relocate. That is when A Lenny Locksmith West Palm beach will receive a house lock change job. People are so super stressed they lock themselves out of their car. At this point, they need to call a car locksmith. We are always on call to make sure the service for you gets completed within 20 minutes of your call.

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A Lenny Locksmith West palm Beach also understands individuals and people with families to feed are not getting their weekly paychecks. Some have not even received the first unemployment check. We absolutely empathize and sympathize with all situations. Our community and the people who make up the community are important to us. Without you, we would not be here to service those in need.

A Lenny locksmith West Palm Beach is and have been working with our customers during these difficult times. We will never leave one of our customers stranded. We even have accepted IOU’s for people waiting on their paychecks to come in. We have lowered our prices on some services to show you we care because people are struggling financially. There are a lot of other company’s in other business putting out videos which instead of charging which I think is very considerate American.  We understand you have to put food on the table as well to survive. Everyone is in survival mode. When you need a car locksmith or a locksmith for any other service, please consider us and we will work with you the very best we can. We also take our hats off to all the people on the frontline keeping us safe and well. Check out our Google map with any other questions.