Bmw Car Locksmith West Palm Beach

Whether you’ve lost your keys, need to replace them, or simply want a spare for backup purposes, we can help. Having the right car locksmith in your corner is key to getting the job done quickly and correctly.

BMW Models We Service
Almost all BMW models use transponder keys or chips in their ignition system which require the key to be programmed to match the vehicle’s computer system. This means that a car locksmith must have special tools and software to make a replacement key for your BMW.

The process can take a few days to complete at the dealer must order the new key from Germany and then program it into your BMW to make it work. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

Making a new BMW key is more difficult than making a Honda or GM key because of the complexity and amount of equipment that is needed to do it properly. Also, BMW models have more sophisticated security features than other automakers.

A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach
A Lenny is a locksmith that can handle your BMW car Key needs. We have been in business long enough for all our techs to have great experience in BMW car key needs.

Our Field locksmiths at A Lenny Locksmith are on 24-hour call.

You will need to provide your locksmith with information such as your year, make and model of the BMW, and a VIN for the vehicle. You may also need to provide proof of vehicle ownership so your locksmith can make you a key that matches the car’s ignition chip. A Lenny Locksmith will get all your BMW car key needs done.