Key Duplication West Palm Beach

What is Key Duplication? It is the process of creating duplicates of keys from existing ones. There are many reasons people might need to create duplicates, including having a spare set for guests or a loved one. A landlord or tenant might want to make duplicates after having the locks new for the safety of their tenants. In case of a lost or stolen key, a locksmith may be necessary to create a new set of keys. Commercial and residential buildings might also need duplicate keys.

A locksmith is a good way to go to cut a new key. While a car’s key can be cut and programmed to match the lock, a house’s keys can be duplicated by a locksmith somewhat of the same way. Some padlocks are made from special brand Keys, while others may not be. In such cases, a professional locksmith can create duplicate keys to ensure the security of your home.

A locksmith will need to copy your keys, regardless of how they were made. If they are labeled as “Do Not Duplicate,” a locksmith will need some kind of proof to make the copy. In these cases, a key duplication locksmith will be able to create a duplicate with the correct data. However, if you’re locked out and cannot find the key, this option is not possible.
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A Lenny Locksmith in West Palm Beach is a full-service locksmith company that offers car and house lockout services as well as mailbox locks and safes. Their technicians are trained to work safely and efficiently and will use new gloves every time they enter your property. They will always keep the work area clean and sanitary so that no COVID-19 can be spread. If you are looking for a Emergency and trustworthy locksmith, then A Lenny Locksmith in West Palm is the place to call.

Key Duplication West Palm Beach