Difference between smart locks and high security locks

Difference between smart locks and high security locks



Difference between smart locks and high security locks. One major concern we receive calls for being a locksmith is the security of ones home. There are many different types of locks nowadays. Although having different types of locks gives you options on what best fits your needs. All the options sometimes can be confusing. The most common ones customers call on are high security locks and smart locks. So what is the difference between the two, and how do yo know which is better for you? This blog will go over what these types of locks are so you can make an informed decision.

Smart locks are much like traditional locks. The mechanisms inside work exactly the same. What makes smart locks different is they are electronic. While some of the smart locks have actual keys most of them have remotes or fobs that can electronically open the lock. The ones that have a fob can be opened by waving the fob in front of the lock triggering it to open. If you have one that has a remote they can be opened by pressing the unlock button remotely. Some of the smart locks even have abilities to be linked to your smart phone so you can unlock and lock your door right from an app on your phone. Unlike traditional locks most smart locks are unpickable and can not be bumped making them more secure.

High security locks are just as it sounds locks that are high security. These locks tend to be more expensive than traditional locks. Like the smart locks these locks are unpickable and can not be bumped either. High security locks are manufactured to add additional resistance to manipulation and forced entry. These locks are nearly impossible to break into. Even us as professional locksmiths have a hard time getting into these locks when we receive calls for lockout services.

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