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You could be at your wits’ end if you have an ignition problem in your car. If you are well versed with your car and know a fair bit about ignition cylinder replacement or how it works, then you may gauge or guess the crux of the problem. Else, you could be clueless. Whether you can figure out the root cause or you don’t have even the vaguest idea, you would have to hire a locksmith for ignition replacement or to fix your jammed ignition.

Some common factors can cause an ignition to be stuck among other car ignition problems. Manufacturer defects are not unheard of. You may think that your new car is under warranty and you may not think that if your ignition won’t turn is the automaker’s fault, but history has proven that a few models and some brands have had repeated ignition-related issues. It is not an intended problem or an intentional complacency. Things can go wrong and faulty parts can be the primary cause of a stuck ignition. You could capitalize on your warranty or you can hire a local locksmith for ignition repair Plantation who would still be able to assist you while you can take advantage of your warranty.

Malfunctioning or jammed ignition could also be due to attempted theft, placing in a wrong key, worn-out wafers, a worn-out key, a malfunctioning transponder or PCM, a jammed cylinder due to foreign objects, or a broken key. All these causes are avoidable but you cannot be forever cautious of the unforeseen. Should you have a malfunctioning or jammed ignition, you should immediately hire a locksmith for ignition repair Plantation for ignition replacement.
As the most trusted locksmith for ignition repair Plantation, we can attend to your needs in no time and get the problem resolved right where you are, without towing your car and without making to and from trips to our office. Our locksmiths will reach out to you immediately, with all the equipment and resources necessary.


Depending on the situation and the exact reason behind the malfunctioning or jammed ignition, we may attend to ignition replacement, rekeying, removal of foreign objects from the keyway, attending to the wafers, or resolving the problems with the transponder chip.
With us attending to your jammed ignition and subsequent ignition replacement, you can be certain of the quality of ignition repair Plantation.


Common problems we can fix and services we provide:

  • Broken Ignition Repair
  • Car Ignition Won’t Turn
  • Ignition Replacement
  • Car Keys Stuck In Ignition
  • Change Car Ignition
  • Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal
  • Locked Ignition Switch
  • Ignition Tumbler Replacement
  • And More…


If you find yourself stranded with an ignition that is stuck and will not turn, call A Lenny Locksmith! We will send a qualified ignition repair technician to your site and get you on your way!



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