Locked Inside My House

Locked Inside My House



Locked Inside My House. As a locksmith company we get tons of calls with different situations every time. Commonly calls are for being locked out of cars, being locked out of houses or businesses, needing new car keys made, and many other circumstances. So what happens when we get the calls with situations that aren’t so common? Yes, we get those calls too! Occasionally we get the calls where our customers are locked inside their house instead of outside. Sounds funny but it happens. Why does this happen, how can it be avoided, and what to do in the event it does? There are a couple of reasons why this could be happening. One reason and most commonly it is because of wear and tear. Like anything else locks wear down and get dirty with time. Sometimes the tumblers wear down causing the lock to malfunction. Little pieces of dirt and debris can build up in the lock and can cause it to malfunction as well. These malfunctions can cause the lock to break or stick causing you to get locked inside your house. Another reason that would cause you to get locked inside your home could be because of a striker malfunction. Sometimes the striker can get stuck inside the strike plate of the lock causing it to get stuck. Whatever the reason is that is causing your lock to be unproductive a Locksmith West Palm Beach will be able to help. The locksmith technician will have all necessary tools right on his truck. He will be able to get your door open to let you out and repair or replace your lock. If you are ever locked in your home, or are in need of other locksmith services A Lenny Locksmith is the one to call. We have fast, friendly, and professional staff and technicians readily available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us today to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.  We would appreciate a google review by hitting here.



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