Locksmith 24 hours during COVID-19

Locksmith 24 hours during COVID-19




Locksmith 24 hours during COVID-19: Our service locksmith West Palm Beach is open 24 hours seven days a week.  Even with this pandemic we are still running on schedule.  We understand a lot of customers call up frantically, which is understandable considering what is going on.  Our office tries to calm them down and get there as fast as possible.  The good news is we are on the same time schedule to get to customers.  We heard a lot of stories from customers on how other companies are closed or just had them waiting for hours.  We will go over the services we do so you know and if you need help we be there for you.

Lockouts:  Car or house lockouts are our most popular service right now.  It’s probably because people are so nervous about what is happening that just aren’t their normal selfs.  The good news is our turn around time for that service is about 25 minutes.  That also goes for business lockouts and practically any other type of lockout.

Car Key Replacement:  If you lose your car key or smart key we are here for you.  We keep practically every key or smart key in stock so we can help our customers as fast as possible.  No waiting for the ordering of keys we have them on all our car locksmith vehicles.  As far as programming we can can do almost every car made.  The wait time is around 25 minutes also and usually take 15 minutes to do the job.

Lock Replacement and Rekeys:  This service to keep it simple is yes 25 minutes we can get to you and yes we carry all sort of locks in stock.  A Lot of customers we noticed wanted to make sure their locks are secure during this epidemic.  This is totally understandable and most of the time we can just rekey a lock or to for them and save them money in this trying time.

I hope all this information was helpful.  If you have any questions feel free to call A Lenny Locksmith West Palm beach  any time.  Thank you and be safe.