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Locksmith Deerfield Beach

A Lenny Locksmith is your local locksmith who can be contacted anytime, any day, and can be dispatched wherever you are located. It is always better to contact a local locksmith when dealing with security concerns as they tend to be less expensive and trustworthy especially if the locksmith is certified.


Our shop carries a wide selection of lock systems for home, office, and vehicle purposes. From simple key-and-padlock sets to sophisticated office alarms and biometrics, we provide a free consultation on which brand or system is best for your requirements.

Aside from locks, you can also find a selection of alarms, security scans, safes, and other tools to secure your properties.

And we can help install these for you. However, if you prefer to purchase your locks from other suppliers, we’re still more than happy to install them. Aside from installations, a Lenny Locksmith Deerfield Beach provides advice and recommendations, especially for comprehensive security systems for bigger establishments.


Our local locksmith can assist you with all car locksmith requirements that you need. We specialize in re-keys and lock installations.

If you lost your keys or your keys got stolen, our car locksmith Deerfield Beach can help you with freshly cut keys while making sure that your locks are not opened with the old keys. We can also reprogram the vehicle lock system’s chips so that it works in combination with your fresh keys.

We also provide repairs when it comes to keys stuck in ignitions. When ignition replacement is necessary, we’ll go ahead and do it for you. Even in the middle of the night. We provide the car locksmith Deerfield Beach service you need when you need it.

If you just left your keys inside your vehicle, our licensed car locksmith can pick it out for you.


Our 24-hour hotline is open to assist you with all your locksmith needs.
Please call 855-869-5625.



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Locksmith Deerfield Beach