Locksmith Hiring During COVID-19

Locksmith Hiring During COVID-19





Locksmith Hiring during COVID-19:  A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach is proud to announce we are hiring.  We hired  some new locksmiths and we must say people are willing to work.  For some new techs with no experience they are very motivated and willing to learn.

We all got hit with COVID-19 no matter where you were in the world but there is lite at the end of this virus.  People are so determined to make it back to the way they use to live.  I must say the new techs and current techs have such a great attitude and are so happy to work and help people.

A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach took this virus serious from the beginning  and has always wore gloves and masks.  We still can say nobody has gotten the virus in our whole company.  We made sure to clean our selfs after every job and before we got back in our work truck.  I feel this was game changer with the gloves and masks.

At he beginning of the virus I must say it was hard finding masks and gloves but we found a place locally that was selling them and we just had to keep buying.  It became very expensive but it was worth it.  Our locksmith techs and car locksmith techs listened and made sure to wear the gloves and masks and now we can say it paid off.

Well getting back to hiring locksmiths.  The great news is we are still hiring and if you are looking for a new career or even have prior experience call us.  We would be happy to take you aboard.  Dealing with people happy to have a job instead of taking it for granted is so inspiring.  I must say this is what this virus taught us all.

Remember Check A Lenny Locksmith at this link if you have any questions.  Thank you be safe and call us anytime.