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Our professional locksmith in Hollywood Fl is dedicated to assisting you with your security system needs. We offer several local locksmith Hollywood services from simple duplicating of your keys – metal, transponders, and remotes – to more sophisticated commercial systems. All locksmith Hollywood FL services are guaranteed work with each local locksmith who attends you is duly certified and trained. Car locksmith services are also bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Some of our services are highlighted below:

locksmith Hollywood FL
Locksmith Hollywood Fl


LOCK PICKING – Commonly done at home or car lockouts, our local locksmith is able and licensed to perform lock picking to get your access back in your home or vehicle. The local locksmith will attempt a variety of approaches to make sure that the lock is released without any damage. Some attempts include but are not limited to, traditional picking, the use of air wedge, or the bump technique.

RE-KEYING – Re-keying is our usual recommendation when your keys are lost, stolen, or broken. Re-keys are necessary to prevent any unauthorized entry if somebody else gets hold of the old key. Our locksmith can perform a re-key on the spot or at our shop. Re-keys are applicable for homes, offices, and automobiles. Car locksmiths can also perform re-keys when dealing with roadside situations.

LOCK CHANGES AND INSTALLATIONS – We proceed with changes and installations if or locks are already irreparable. For example, tampered locks or keys stuck in the ignition. Car locksmiths travel with a selection of spare parts and can change ignition sets for you. Other system installations are also provided especially when you are upgrading your home or office lock sets.

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