Locksmith Hours during COVID-19

Locksmith Hours during COVID-19




Locksmith Hours during COVID-19. A Lenny Locksmith is a mobile locksmith and with stores centrally located. We provide all different types of locksmithing services such as car keys, key fobs, and programming keys. We also can provide ignition repairs if needed. We offer residential and commercial services as well. If you are concerned about your locks during the COVID-19 pandemic, then give us a call. We like to see ur customers stress free when it comes to safety in their homes or business. There is enough stress to deal with ourselves and loved ones during this difficult time. If we can put you at ease with your safety, then we have done our job to provide great service. We care about our customers whether you are a first time customer or a repeat customer.

Locksmith Hours during COVID-19. We are working around the clock for you. Some areas now have curfews, and we are working with local officials to ensure if you are having an emergency or need our services we will be there for you to change a lock, apply a new lock. If you are locked out of your house or car, you can count on us to be there for you. If you lose your car key, we will make you a new key efficiently and timely. The local officials are aware there are emergency situations that cannot be avoided. You can rest easy that we will be there in your emergency situation.

We also love reviews! Please be considerate and leave us a review. it helps our business and helps us to get to you and other customers easier. Some locksmiths are not working around the clock. We are. We are working for you. So please leave a review if you have had our service even from past service. We will continue to work around the clock and keep our communication lines open with local officials to ensure we can get to you even after the curfew time. Don’t hesitate to call us for any related service you need. We are taking our precautions and our technicians are aware of all the precautions to make sure everyone involved is safe and protected. Be safe and a big thank you to our customers. Without you, we are not the best locksmiths around.



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