Locksmith locks for now

Locksmith locks for now






Locksmith locks for now. During these uncertain times we live in, it is a very important decision to consider looking into higher security locks. Whether it is for your home to keep your family safe or your office building to keep your employees comfortable knowing they can work in a safe environment.

A Lenny locksmith can speak with you as a customer and recommend the locks that would be beneficial to your needs. We work hard and want to protect our sentimental belongings and protect the people that surround us. We have a variety of locks that you as a consumer may not realize. WE have multi-locks which are very hard to drill. It would take an intruder about an hour to drill. Intruders don’t have that kind of time to break in and steal your belonging. The multi-lock cannot be picked as well. The same goes for a Medeco lock. These locks are very strong and very reliable. You will definitely feel safe knowing you have one of these locks on your doors.




Smart locks from Kwik-set is another lock that can take a long time to drill. However, this lock can be picked. It will also take some time to pick so this lock is just as reliable as the multi-lock and a Medeco lock. A Lenny locksmith technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable with all the locks. We install them all the time. There are also panic bars which are popular for commercial business. They are very common and most customers are very satisfied with this device. We have never heard that the employees do not feel safe when the panic bar is installed. Our technicians install them for a lot of businesses. If you decide this is a route you would want to take, talk to the technician and we can explain how exactly it works.

We cannot express how important safety is in this time we are living in. We want all people to be able to feel safe no matter where you live or work. Take the time to sit down with your family or employees and ask, how safe do you feel?  Check out our Google Map.