Locksmith Orlando

At A Lenny Locksmith, Orlando we are committed to providing world-class quality locksmith services. Our local locksmith Orlando is well experienced in any locksmith and security service you will require. Our long list of satisfied clients are home, business, and car owners who require peace of mind when it comes to protecting their properties and families. Our local locksmith in Orlando is dedicated to giving that using installing or maintaining security systems that minimize the risks, if not preventing, any instance of burglary, theft, or trespassing. Just a few of the common services we are experts in –


Lock systems specified for residential use are available for purchase in our shop. If you prefer other suppliers, we can help install your systems for you. Our certified local locksmith can work on any lock sets or other complementary security devices you need installed.


Comprehensive security systems for businesses should be long-lasting. We provide free advice in which security system is right for your business space. We maintain lock systems in schools, restaurants, hospitals, and many other establishments.

Locksmith Orlando


Roadside assistance is a common call our staff receives. When in emergencies, a car locksmith will promptly travel to your location and perform any car locksmith service you may require. We are experts when it comes to rekeying metal-type keys, transponders and reprogramming remote devices.

All works we provide are bonded and insured. This provides extra peace of mind for property owners. Each local locksmith is certified and passionate in giving you the security you deserve.

Call today! Our hotline is always open. Dial 407-956-2201. Please let us know your queries or if in need a local locksmith to attend to your location. Don’t worry about needing us past midnight, we’re more than happy to serve you without any extra fees.