Locksmith Port St Lucie

A Lenny Locksmith takes pride in servicing you with only highly professional and certified locksmiths in Port St Lucie in the business. We carry both the hardware and technical skills for all your security requirements. From simple lock sets to extensive systems specifically manufactured for big establishments to car locksmith provision.

Locksmith Port St Lucie
Locksmith Port St Lucie

We advise you to save our hotline number in case you need to contact us for any locksmith service. Or, if you are having trouble right at this moment, our operators are on standby to receive your call.


 Locksmith Port St Lucie

Residential Locksmith Port St Lucie Service

If you’re looking for fresh installs or lock upgrades, you can always rely on us to evaluate your home and plan out the lock installations that you deserve. From low-end to high-end options, our shop carries the best hardware brands and we’ll help you choose the right one for your home and within your budget too. Our local locksmith in Port St Lucie utilizes

Commercial Locksmith Service

We maintain many business establishments in protecting their properties. We make sure we get re-keys, repairs, and management covered when we commit to any work needed. Our local locksmith is also an expert when it comes to master locks and keyless entries. We can provide software to manage all these and monitoring applications too to control surveillance cameras and alarms. It can also be time-consuming to take care of all re-key needs every employee turnover. With A Lenny Locksmith Port St Lucie, we take care of this and more.

Car Locksmith Service

Each car locksmith is certified, and all works are insured and bonded. The car locksmith can visit your home or office and work on your vehicle in either a scheduled or emergency circumstance. It is also possible for the car locksmith to go to different locations away from your home if you have urgent locksmith needs.


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