Locksmith service with COVID-19

Locksmith service with COVID-19




Locksmith service with COVID-19: A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach I must say to be honest its been so difficult to keep in line with masks, gloves and sanitizer.  So worth it though to see no car locksmith, residential or commercial locksmith get sick.  This makes it so easy to keep up with the jobs when nobody calls in sick.  I heard from so many company’s that they had to close because all there techs got sick or showed symptoms.  The feeling that our techs went out of their way to follow our rules on hygiene make A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach so proud and lucky to have such a close group of workers.

Now I must say business is down.  But that is a good thing because that means America is listening to the guidelines. If less people are out there will be less mistake where you might need a locksmith.  I think everybody learned everything isn’t just money.  Health comes first and then life and making money is always going to be number 2.  Don’t get me wrong people are feeling the hit from being one of the best economy’s in our history to an automatic recession or depression.  We will bounce back but I think will have a different way of life until the vaccine or cure.

Some pointers that our A Lenny car locksmith department do on every job.  Also our regular  techs do this also to stay sick free.  When our car locksmith approaches a car key replacement he has a new pair of gloves.  They also put on a new mask.  Our techs have four masks on the truck and after every 4th job they come in or go home and wash them.  So now they have fresh masks.  Gloves they have the box and they keep changing when in contact of something.  Right or wrong it seems to work and later i’m sure we find out more about the virus.  Also even with our masks on we make customers stay 6 feet away.  Believe it or not customers feel much more comfortable that we take it so serious.

A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach wants to let our customers stay safe during this time.  If you have any questions call us anytime we are open 24 hours every day.  We will get thru this together and this will make our country stronger with unity.