Locksmith services even during the  COVID -19 pandemic

Locksmith services even during the  COVID -19 pandemic




Locksmith services even during the  COVID -19 pandemic. First and foremost at A Lenny Locksmith, we hope everyone stays safe. They are a lot of anxious and worried people right now. In the midst of chaos, stocking up their freezers, pantry, water and toilet paper. People are concerned about the locks on their doors. They are concerned about break-ins into their homes.

Locksmith services even during the  COVID -19 pandemic. At A Lenny locksmith we are here to tell you we are working. There is actually a number of locksmiths who are not actively working. We are here to work until the state and the nation tell us not to be on the road. There still are locks to be re-keyed or changed. There are car lockouts because everyone is multi-tasking way too much. Very easy way to lock your keys in the car. There is still a need for car keys. Cutting and programming the key. It has actually been very busy the last 2 days. We are here to help you in need of residential or commercial emergencies. A Lenny locksmith is open 24/7.

Hopefully, this horrible situation that we are all in, we must remember to be there for each other. Your neighbors, family, and friends. Make sure if you know an elderly that lives independently, please make sure they are ok in case we have a national lockdown. They may not have the means to get out and stock up on foods as most people can. Take a deep breath and relax. It will be over soon and back to our normal lives. Be safe.