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Locksmith that can program all cars

Locksmith that can program all cars






Locksmith that can program all cars. There is a lot of different cars that need special programming.  That is why when you choose a car locksmith West Palm Beach its important he has experience.  Most of all he has program machines to cover all cars or the car you have.

Car locksmiths should have at least 3-6 different program machines.  The reason for this is some machines specialize in different cars.  At A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach our car locksmith truck has five different machines.  Our program machines cover basic to exotic cars to program.  A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach programs fords to even Mercedes-Benz.  We practically do every car.

The turn around time for car key replacement and programming is 10 minutes to 30 minutes.  Some cars have no wait time while others can range up to 45 minutes.  But the average time is about 10 minutes.  Mercedes-Benz take some time because you have to wait to get the password to finish programming.  It takes a lot of experience and class taking to master this profession.

That is why A Lenny Locksmith puts out a lot of videos to show customers but also there techs.  A Lenny Locksmith uses You Tube to keep our techs, customers and even other techs up to speed on how to program cars.  It’s good for customers to watch so if a locksmith comes over they will know the process.  That also avoids and company to take advantage.



Locksmith that can program all cars



With car key replacement we have to cut your key first the program it.  Now if you have a smart key basically we just have to program it.  Remember you can always be informed with A Lenny Locksmith thru there Google maps.  There is a lot of information they post every day that can answer many questions you might have.







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