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Owning a business can sometimes feel as if an extreme challenge. A Lenny Locksmith Wellington understands how important it is to protect your employees and assets so we work with businesses in the community to install or maintain their security systems so you can focus on the more important things.

Our local locksmith has serviced restaurants, schools, hospitals, retail shops, apartment complexes, and other establishments from small businesses to corporations. And we do all these by putting priority when it comes to protecting those we work with.

Our local locksmith Wellington services range from installing comprehensive systems, bio-metric entries linked to time cards, card entries, periodical re-keying, issuance of new keys or programmed cards, monitoring and alarm systems, and other security technology a business may require.

We make sure our locksmith service works within the budget. For consultation, you can always contact our hotline so our local locksmith Wellington can schedule a visit at your office.

And it isn’t just business we care about. We care for your homes and vehicles as much as we put importance on our commercial clients.

Our home security services can be similar to what we provide commercial establishments. Most of the time, residential needs are not as comprehensive. A Lenny Locksmith makes sure that your home gets the appropriate protection to minimize any threats of burglary or trespassing.

We also take pride in our car locksmith services. Each car locksmith can work with any brand or vehicle type. Normally, clients call us seeking help with lost key replacement, re-keys, or lock malfunction. We can attend to these cases in your own garage or even far away from your home.

Our car locksmith travels with a portable toolbox that allows us to provide full service even on roadsides. When this happens at odd hours past midnight, A Lenny Locksmith is a friend you can rely on.


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