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A Lenny Locksmith is a one-stop local locksmith shop.

At Los Angeles Locksmith, our staff has been servicing our loyal customer base for many years with a high level of professionalism and extensive knowledge. When our locksmith works at homes and offices, we make sure that we take great care when it comes to our client’s privacy, security, and property. Our car locksmith is always ready to attend to any client’s needs, even in the middle of the night and at the roadside. And we make sure that clients are not taken advantage of with unreasonable fees.

And speaking of fees, we have a range of products and services at prices others cannot beat. Just visit the shop for a selection of locksets or high-end lock systems bearing the best brands. Our local  Los Angeles locksmith will be happy to provide consultation on the best lock match that will suit the structure. We do recommend a thorough inspection and investing in a system instead of DIYs lock sets. This is especially true in areas where burglar activities are present. Aside from the sets, our camera and alarm installations are the best and most reliable in the business.

A local locksmith can be sent on an urgent call or a scheduled visit. Locksmith services include but are not limited to, lock picking, installations, upgrades, repairs, rekeys, and replacements.

For our car locksmith services, broken ignition keys can also be repaired or replaced. The local Los Angeles locksmith attending the situation makes sure to bring spare parts for common fixes.  The car locksmith evaluates the trouble and recommends a solution. Before proceeding with the work, we will always approach the fix with great consideration of the client’s requirements. If a client prefers to get the parts needed from other suppliers, our local locksmith will make sure it’s done.

So contact us any time for a free quote.