Need a Car Key made

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Need a car key made 


Whether you just want an extra copy to have on hand, or you have lost your key all together you can call A Lenny locksmith West Palm Beach when you need a car key made. Most people think of calling a dealership first, but why go through the hassle of having your car towed or inconvenience yourself by having to go to a dealership. A Lenny locksmith will go to you where ever you are when you need a car key made.


A Lenny Locksmith West Palm Beach has all equipment needed to make a car key right on his truck. When the technician gets to your location there are a few ways the technician may use for cutting a key. If you are just wanting a copy, one way he would use would be by using an existing key that you have. If you have lost your key altogether and you need a car key made there is no need to worry, the technician can use a few methods in order to make a key for you. One way is they can pick the lock to your ignition to get your key cuts, he would then put the cuts in his computer program and his machine would cut the key. If he is unable to read your key cut codes by picking your lock, he can order your key cut codes from the manufacturer once he retrieves the code he would put it into his computer program and the machine would cut your key. Most newer car keys now have chips so they need to be programmed. If your key is one that needs to be programmed the technician would then program your key to your car.


Keep in mind the next time you need a car key made, it does not have to be an inconvenience or a hassle.
Need a Car Key Made

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