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If you have been looking for a professional local Washington locksmith you can trust with your properties, our locksmith services Washington locksmith may be beneficial to you.

We take pride in a long list of happy clients to whom we delivered their home, business, or car locksmith requirements. Our technicians understand how important security is and we go out of our way to give you better service and prompt responses in cases of emergency.


A lockout is a common call we receive. It can be that the keys are misplaced or accidentally left inside their homes or offices. Sometimes it can happen when you’re on the road. In any case, we bring our service to you promptly and professionally. A local locksmith Washington locksmith will immediately evaluate if a lock replacement, repair, or re-key is necessary to get you back inside your premises. And as an added service value, if there’s a need for parts replacement, we can also take care of this as our shop carries high-quality brands of locksets and security systems that will match any of your preferences.


Another common case that we receive is emergencies when car owners get locked out of their cars while on the road. Sometimes there are situations when it is an ignition problem. Our highly trained car Washington locksmith will take care of getting you back inside and re-securing your vehicle. Car locksmith services include re-keys (metal, transponders, remotes) and repairs or replacement of either the ignition or the lock.


There will come a time when you will feel insecure with the level of security placed in your homes or your offices. Our local locksmith in Washington DC can assist you and evaluate the best upgrade within your budget. Here at A Lenny Locksmith, we work with several commercial establishments in their security systems. We can also help with CCTVs, deposit boxes, or alarms to supplement your existing system.



Washington Locksmith

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