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What you should know about car key codes West Palm Beach

What you should know about car key codes West Palm Beach






What you should know about car key codes West Palm Beach. Loosing your keys is frustrating! Depending on what the lost key belongs to it can also be stressful. If you don’t have a spare key what do you do? Although in some cases a lock with no key will be rendered useless and there is nothing to do.  In other cases a locksmith may actually be able to create a key if a key code is available. Fortunately, key codes are available to recreate car keys.

One of the most critical parts of locksmithing are key codes. Let’s start off with what is a key code? A key code is a series of letters and/or numbers used by a locksmith to create a key. These codes identify where cuts should be made on the key in order for them to work with a particular lock. Don’t worry a key code is not the actual cuts to your key that would cause major security issues. A key code must be converted by a professional into the cuts in order for a key to be made.



What you should know about car key codes West Palm Beach



Knowing where to find or get a key code is very important. Once you have your code a locksmith technician will be able to convert it into key cuts in order to make your key. Key codes can be found on a variety of places on your vehicle. A couple of the most common places to find them is on a passenger door lock or glovebox lock. If you are not experienced in removing these locks it should be left to your car locksmith. Trying to remove them yourself can cause damage to your vehicle. You can avoid this unnecessary damage by leaving it to the professionals to do. Sometimes vehicle manufacturers will stamp the key codes right in the car owners manual or on a tag in the center console. In other cases the key code may be converted from the VIN number of the vehicle. If you contact the dealer where the car was purchased they may have code on file or be able to convert it from the VIN for you. If all else fails your car locksmith is able to order your key code in order to duplicate a key.

If you are in need of a car key replacement A Lenny Locksmith is here for you. For your convenience our professionally trained car locksmith technicians can make your new key onsite at your location. Call today to receive a quote or to schedule an appointment.



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